what are we doing!!!

In recent years it has become a fairly popular dream to quit the job for white collar and go out on the world tour. We thought that, we have made it modest and we decided to quit our jobs and pamper ourselves a little. Our first thought was a long summer between May and September, but we do not know the end of this situation for now. Even our vacation plans consisted of 3 words: lycia, far east and blacksea. We have not done the necessary research due to the workload. Additionally it took 3 more weeks to plan our vacation after quiting our jobs. Admit it, we’re a little bit lazy. But eventually we are on our way tomorrow for our first destination, lycia 🙂

Our new friend Ulvi is joining us for the adventure. We met Ulvi during camping shopping.



Because he is a very harmonious person, we call him ‘Aynen Ulvi’ (Quite so Ulvi). You will get to know him better in time.

We will share what we do and where we are for ourselves and our relatives who are curious about us through this blog.

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