Day 3: Lake Cofrun

Trevit (altitude: 2350) – Cofrun – Trevit

The morning sun came very well, but the attack of the cows is not very pleasant. When cows surrounded the Can’s tent, we passed to defense and gather the tents. There was some unused wood from last night and we decided to give them back to the shepherd. When we went to shepherds house, they gave us skimmings they just made. We added that fresh skimmings to our menu, made a short breakfast, and then head out.

Our todays goal is to climb up to the Lake Cofrun and came back to Trevit then climb down to the Elevit in the evening. We would not camp nearby lake, so decided to leave our stuff to the shepherd, who is the only person we met so far at the village. However the shepherd is not at home, so we went to a house which had a smoky flue. We chat with Müzeyyen, the owner of the house and she described the path of the lake.

We began to walk as if it is a two hours journey but it took three hours and consumes me. On the way we met the shepherds, they advised us to use the horse path, but we can not find it anywhere. When the road straightens to the climb, we met a mother and son, who were returning from the lake. They praised the lake a lot, I could give up without them.

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Can was not very impressed by the lake, Hasan was enchanted and climb up to nearby the snow. On the other hand, I was contented with putting my feet in the ice-cold water and was enjoying walking in the grass like carpet afterwards. Then I photographed beautiful each other and various flowers that I could not even imagine.

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Because the lake was so high, the weather was quite cold, so we returned without lingering. Fortunately it is much easier to return, we arrived the village within 1.5 hours with a short lunch break. And we went directly to Muzeyyen’s house.

We were quite tired, and the sun has burned us beautifully. Walking to Elevit after this fatigue is hard, but staying in a tent for one more night is a much worse option for us. We hope to hitchhike. When Müzeyyen saw a car coming from the opposite side of the village, we are heading for the road but unfortunately car was full and we could not get on.

We sat in the grass to arrange the bags, and after a minute or so Müzeyyen came near us. She thought that we would tent for the night, and got worried about us. Because the night of Trevit is so cold even at the summer. And told us that there is a guest house in the village. We started to search who has the key of the guest house. And learned that the guest house was closed but there was a container which we can stay for the night. During the conversation Emine proposed us staying at their home tonight which warmed out hearts. She was living with her father, that’s why Can and Emine went to ask her fathers approval. With Can’s return, our hopes come true and we could stay at a warm house.

Emine is a very cheerful person, we had a pleasant evening together, and also we ate muhlama which is a traditional blacksea food and which was missed by Hasan several times this week. Emine was living in Istanbul in winter together with his father, who was a cook. I guess thats why he was a little sensitive about how the dinner was cooking. We slept early in the night and slept the sweetest sleep of these days 😴

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